What does our Watch Repair Center do?

Watch Repair-Service Estimate

Watch Repair Service

The complete overhaul of a mechanical watch includes:


- Complete checking of the entire watch. Detection of the reason for service.
– Dismantling of the entire movement and checking of all parts (wear and tear, rust)
– Degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning of the movement parts.
– Replacement of damaged parts*
– Re-assembling, testing oiling of the movement.
– Timing and accuracy corrections as per Swiss factory’s standards.

* We do replace damaged parts on modern watches if necessary. We also rebuild or adjust new parts on vintage watches. The price will be charged separately on the estimate for parts replacement. The cost of the repair will depend on the part availability or the time needed to rebuild it.


- Refinishing; polishing and cleaning up the case (learn more)
– Replacement of the O-ring gaskets if necessary.
– Water resistance control at 0.5 and 3 ATM
– If the watch comes with a bracelet it will be checked and completely refinished and polished.
– Casing up and checking of various functions.

Final control

- Checking of the various mechanical functions such as the jump of the date, alignment of the hands, functions of chronograph, perpetual calendar etc..
– Final control of accuracy. Rewinding functions for 48 hours and water resistance test.
– Final quality control of the complete watch.

Quartz watches

- Only high end watches such as Patek-Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Omega and Cartier will be accepted in for repair.

– Simple quartz movement with date
– Complicated quartz movement (chronograph Cartier for example)

Not included in the service price:

- Replacement of the dial
– Replacement of the sapphire or plastic crystal.
– Repair of the case.
– Replacement of any hands.
– Replacement of leather or crocodile strap
– Replacement of the buckle
– Replacement of winding crown, pusher, tube, or corrector.


The restoration service applies to watches and jewelry creations which have historical significance or have sustained damage. This service requires a thorough and individual analysis. Our teams of experts will always do their utmost to find a solution that will preserve the original qualities of a time piece. These meticulous interventions are all carried out by hand and require the utmost care. We keep a stock of components so we’re prepared, if a part is unavailable we will manufacture a piece to measure. Our team is highly skilled in restorations and can restore pieces that were thought to be beyond repair. Once the restoration is completed, the functions and performance of the creation are checked to match its original specifications. The creation is then monitored over several days in order to ensure the highest standard of excellence.

Any watch serviced by Swiss Watchmakers & Company will come with a one year warranty on parts and labor excluding stem and crystal. Repairs within the guarantee period will be executed in priority and without charges. A watch that has been dropped or abused is not covered under the warranty. Partial services are not guaranteed one year.

We use the most advanced and sophisticated tools know in the watchmaking business.

With mastered skills and the right tools we can fix any watch with precision, care, and in a perfected manner.

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Our Watch Repair Center is located in the Historic Alfred DuPont Building

169 E Flagler street #1032 Miami FL 33131