Watch Refinishing/Polishing Service

Our in-house case refinisher/polisher is one of the most qualified in the US and produces work of a unique quality.


Our approach to perfection

The gold and platinum metals are very soft and sensitive to the slightest touch such as the touch of fingers or the contact with other metal, objects, glass, etc..Most of the white gold watches parts are rhodium platted which further complicates the process that our master case refinisher/polisher successfully completes for us. The rhodium plate is a layer of very fine thin platinum; about 5 to 10 microns just hanging on by chemical reaction on the white gold. The rhodium plate application is complicated and delicate operation that makes the gray gold whiter. It is especially necessary to rhodium plate the diamonds watches because gold should be as white as possible to emphasize the brightness of diamonds Very few people, even among expert of the world most famous watchmaker companies can control the rhodium plate application process and our expert is one of them. All these operations depend on the kind of watch. Each model is different, has a different shape, a different finish. The work is very diverse and demands an extraordinary ability because perfection is to be accomplished every time; these experts cannot mistake on watches ranging in price from $10,000 to a million dollar.


A unique case refinishing process

Each watch has very specific shape, with different angles and different finishes like satin finish or diamond polishing finish. As soon as the watch is re polished, the shape changes. Our expert has demonstrated his superior ability to work on these unique watches using techniques he perfected during years of training , particularly in Switzerland but also in the US. His ability as a case refinisher are superbly unique and unmatched to this day in the United States. Some of the watches cases are so damaged that only the addition of material by laser and a fundamental reshaping of the watch could bring back the original characteristics of the watch. The specialist also masters the use of the horizontal lapping machine which is necessary in order to cover the intricate angles of most watches. It is important to mention that this machine is unique in the US. Our case refinisher also creates his own tools when needed for a special operation on a watch case or bracelet.


Any watch serviced by Swiss Watchmakers & Company will come with a one year warranty on parts and labor excluding stem and crystal. Repairs within the guarantee period will be executed in priority and without charges. A watch that has been dropped or abused is not covered under the warranty. Partial services are not guaranteed one year.