How long should I expect my watch repair to take?

Our Average English Editor watch repair time is 4 weeks, with our updates you should get a better idea of how long your watch repair will take.

How should I send in my watch?

Secure your timepiece neatly using cushioning to avoid any more damage.For Shipping we recommend you use USPS,FED-EX, or UPS and insure your timepiece for its value. Make sure you have the correct and abbreviate our name to SWM. Address: 169 E Flagler Street #1032 Miami FL.

Is Swiss Watchmakers strictly an online business?

No not at all we accept walk in customers as well and will be glad to assist you personally.

Isn’t 4 weeks long for a watch repair?

No not at all if you put our high standard into account, other mayor brands take much longer than we do. Our time is broken down as follows 1 week to order and receive parts, 2 weeks of complete overhaul and polishing to utmost perfection and last but not least one week of quality control to assure perfection has been acquired.

Why have I been told a longer wait time than 4 weeks?

There could be multiple reasons for this but the most common reasons are listed below.

  • The timepiece has substantial damage
  • The parts are on back order
  • You have requested a specific job that requires more time
  • Dial refinishing
  • Restoration
  • Rare or Limited edition timepieces.

How many watches has Swiss Watchmakers serviced?

We can’t say an exact number but thousands of watches have been serviced for both Retailers and private owners.

Has Swiss Watchmakers ever had any unsatisfied clients?

To be honest yes, like any industry there will always be at least one problem. The number of clients unsatisfied to the amount of satisfied clients is in the .0005 percentile of course we work hard to bring this percent down and do our utmost to keep our clients satisfied.

How many Watchmakers does Swiss Watchmakers have?

We currently have 3 watchmakers and a polisher. They have all met specific qualifications to be employed.

How do I know my watch is secure with Swiss Watchmakers?

Swiss Watchmakers is located in a secure facility which requires security clearance. After that we have inside security measures for safety measures. Watches are of course stored in a secure location that uses advanced technology to inform our security department when ever it  is accessed.

Is Swiss Watchmakers a retailer?

No we are not but we are working on creating a new addition to our page that will include watch sales, we’ve already experimented with this and found that it had a sufficient response to make a reality.

Does Swiss Watchmakers use counterfeit parts or only original parts?

Swiss Watchmakers works to restore a timepiece to its former glory, for this to be possible we only use original parts and we will never use counterfeit parts.