Located inside the historic DuPont Building Swiss Watchmakers gives you a look at our watch repair center. Our Watch Repair Center is equipped with all the necessary tools to conduct repairs, all in a neat manner. Decorated with the watchmakers diplomas and watch designs, posters, and ornaments.


 Each Watchmaker has his own work station, our work stations embraces technology each one equipped with a computer to help get customer requests, watch information, watch data, and other necessities. This helps us speed up the repair process in such a manner that we are able to complete customer repairs weeks sooner than our competitors. But it doesn’t end there, to better improve customer we have an IT ready to assist us in improving our systems and functions, we also have customer support who are waiting to assist you.

Our customer support is also equipped with technology containing all of the clients repair information to better help assist you.


169 E Flagler Street #1032 Miami FL 33131