What am I paying for? (Omega Watch Repair/Service)

Omega Watch Repairs/Services are a delicate process that takes the time and patience of the watchmaker and polisher.

After you send in your Omega for watch repair/service you will receive an estimate informing you what your timepiece needs. The watch will always have a watch repair/service price in its estimate as well as needed parts to assure the watch works in a proper condition in accordance to Omega standards. The next items if any will be aesthetic parts, these part are the clients choice and normally consist of bezel inserts, crystals, crowns and other aesthetic parts.

After you the client  approve the estimate needed parts are ordered for your Omega Watch Repair. A bill is sent to the client using an email gateway that allows you to pay using your Paypal account or your debit/credit card. Paypal also offers a 0% interest financing plan that you can use upon credit approval.

When the bill is payed the watchmakers begin their work on the Omega Watch Repair/Service. The Omega timepiece is disassembled and every part is cleansed in their corresponding way. The case and bracelet of the timepiece are given to our in house polisher. While the watchmaker works on the movement of the timepiece.

  • 1. Disassembling of the Omega Watch
  • 2. Cleaning of the Omega Watch
  • 3. Polishing of the Omega TimepieceWatch Refinishing
  • 4. Replacing and repairing parts in the Omega movement.
  • 5. Reassembling the timepiece while cleaning any leftover particles as well as replacing any aesthetic parts.
  • 6. Quality Control.
  • 7. The Omega Watch is then shipped back to you the client.

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