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Patrick Desbiolles, a highly experienced Swiss Watchmaker learned his craft at the world renowned Watchmaking School of Geneva in Switzerland. After graduation, his first job was with Vacheron Constantin at their after sales service department in Geneva. For the next three years Patrick perfected his skills, working on complicated timepieces with some of buying modafinil most senior watchmakers.

001                                                            Possessing a desire to further expand his education, Patrick departed Vacheron and began working for his father Yvon Desbiolles, in his fathers workshop “A la vitrine de l’Artisan fildena” located in Geneva Switzerland. Patrick’s ways to make an essay longer demonstration speech example father is a world leading authority and Master Watchmaker specializing in the restoration of ant

Since Patrick arrived to the United States in 2000, he devoted all his time to a new idea. Gone were the days of the local grocery store or the local butcher shop. In today’s mass produced society nothing is personal anymore. Just as with most of today’s watch repair facilities, It’s all about big companies providing services on a mass scale to a mass costumer base. Patrick’s dream was the exact opposite. A small workshop staffed with a few highly specialized professionals providing watch and clock repair, restoration, and refinishing services that are equal to, if not better than the major manufacturers.

This is how “Swiss Watchmakers & Company” was born. A service center providing a one-on-one old world style personalized watch repair service for collectors, dealers, museums, or just anyone who loves complicated high-grade watches.